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Grace, (unmerited favour) comes from God, through Jesus Christ. The scripture is very explicit about this. Read John 1:17 from your Bible.

From the above scripture, understand these, among others:-

First, understand that grace comes from God, not man. The mistake many people, including some Christians, make is seeking to find favour in the sight of men and thereby missing out on God’s favour.

Indeed, you must understand that it is impossible for your physical eyes to look in two different directions at the same time. You cannot make your eyes to look up and look down at the same time; it will surely be a futile attempt!

In the same vein, you cannot claim to be looking up to God for divine favour, and at the same time be looking up to men. Stop seeking favour from men, rather, seek it from God. He is the only authentic source of true and lasting favour!

What can it profit you, if you secure man’s favour, but lack God’s favour?

The truth is: If you lack the favour of God, even if you secure favour from man, you will still be in lack!

When you seek favour from God, you are seeking it from the right source. When you have favour with God, sooner or later, you will begin to command favour from men.
Even if men don’t want to show you favour initially, after awhile, they will be compelled to do so. This is so because, if God be for you, no one can succeed at being against you, Read Romans 8:31 from your Bible.

There is a need, therefore, to order your priorities right. Read Genesis 6:8 from your Bible.

There is a need, therefore, to order your priorities right.

Read Genesis 6:8 from your Bible.

Most likely, Noah did not find favour with the men of his days at this point in time. This was because in the first instance, people in his days might not likely have believed in his mission of building an ark, in preparation for rain that had never fallen up till then.

Some people, I believe, must have laughed Noah to scorn, when he was building the ark. However, because Noah was operating under the grace of God, he could not be discouraged, rather, he forged ahead.

Several years ago, I was having a Bible study with our children, who were still quite young in our home. We were examining the story of Noah and the building of the ark.

In one particular children’s Bible, there was a picture showing Noah and a number of other people working with him, while he was building the ark. One of our children, on seeing this picture said, “The Bible says that only Noah and his household were delivered, every other person was destroyed. But it was not only Noah and his children that built the ark; some other people worked with Noah. Why were they destroyed?”

What a thought-provoking question from a child! I figured: some people might have joined Noah in constructing the ark (of deliverance, perhaps just as helping hands or even paid labourers), but they did not enter the ark, most likely because they did not believe in Noah’s vision of building the ark in the first instance!

They must have had their own reward here on earth, for instance, probably by receiving wages from Noah for services rendered. In the same vein, many people, today, are busy which trivialities leaving out the real issues of life.

Second, from that same scripture in John 1:17, it is evident that although grace comes from God (Genesis 6:8, Psalms 84:11), it comes only through Jesus Christ. Outside of Jesus, grace cannot be enjoyed by humanity in this dispensation; this is because God has chosen Christ Jesus to be the Mediator between Himself and man, Read Hebrews 9:15 from your Bible.

Salvation is, therefore, a prerequisite for having access to this grace. When you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, automatically you qualify for the grace of God. At salvation, there is a deposit of grace on your inside. To enjoy this grace, therefore, man needs a personal encounter (relationship) with Jesus Christ.

Therefore, if you desire to enjoy favour from God, you must of necessity be born again by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, and giving Him His rightful place in your heart and life.

In case you are not born again yet, but ready to do so, or you want to re-dedicate your life to Jesus Christ please pray this prayer audibly right now, with faith in your heart:

O God, I come to You today through Jesus Christ. I realize that I am a sinner and Jesus died for me on the cross. Forgive me my sins Lord, come into my heart Jesus and accept me as your child. I shall live for You from now on. Thank you Jesus, for saving me. Now I know that I am born again. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

If you prayed this prayer from your heart by faith, you are now born again. Congratulations! May you begin to enjoy this priceless treasure, favour, with God and with man in a greater dimension than ever!


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