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A lot of people have had terrible spirits transferred into them through the use of holy water, blessed candles, pictures, perfumes, crosses, etc. these items are not bad when used in the ordinary ways, but when spirits are invoked upon them through “prayer” as religious objects of worship or other religious rituals, they serve as avenues to transfer spirits into the lives of those they are given to for one religious purpose or the other.

A lot of people have contacted water and religious spirits, or have been contaminated by these spirits through the use of holy water, blessed candles, pictures, perfumes, etc.

Somewhere in the Eastern part of Nigeria known as Elele, there lives a Roman Catholic priest, who claims to possess the power of God to heal the sick, especially mad people. The objects or tools he uses for his healing prayers include holy water and stickers.

Multitudes of people travel hundreds and thousands of kilometers, carrying jerry cans of water to Elele every Friday to visit this priest.

Most of these people do not drink or cook with ordinary water, except the one this priest blessed. Others sprinkle it on their cars and in their homes and offices. They believe sprinkling of the water will drive away evil spirits, bad omen and cancel all types of accidents.

Oh, what a modified way of worshipping idols! Those involved paste the stickers given to them by this priest on their doors and car windscreens to ward off evil spirits and prevent thieves from breaking into their homes. This is ignorance of the highest order! These people lack knowledge hence, they are under bondage. See Hosea 4:6.

Let me make it clear to you that the so-called “holy water” is rather “hellish” water, which introduces different kinds of spirits into your life, home and business.

In addition, the curse of God rests upon your life for making water and sticker your god instead of the Living God (Deut. 27:15). You have simply put your faith on the demonic “holy water”, which does not save. Do you know the spirits invoked into the water during “prayers”? Do you also know the spirits in the man who has prayed over the water? Be warned.

Those who read certain portions of the Psalms into water before drinking or using it for their baths are in danger of having evil spirits transferred into them through this practice. The same applies to those who use blessed soap, perfumes, necklaces, powder, etc. Demonic forces aim to get your cooperation so that they can enter your life and carry out their nefarious activities, which are inspired by these practices. Beware and save yourself!

I remember a lady who came to me with terrible demonic problems. She had confessed to me during counseling that Jesus had spoken to her while she was meditating on the picture of the “sacred heart of Jesus” one early morning. She claimed that Jesus had spoken to her not to worry about marriage because he, Jesus, was her husband. She believed this and began to turn away any man who approached her for marriage. Her reason was that Jesus had married her.

What a terrible “religious error”! A religious spirit led her into bondage. She remained in this bondage until she realized it was not Jesus that spoke to her, but a demon spirit. This demon had entered the “blessed picture”, and through it had spoken to her. Her freedom could only come through knowledge and deliverance ministration.

I speak to you from my heart. I believe these few examples will lead you to discover the sources of your own problems. I may have said something about what your church practices, which I believe to be wrong as the Bible teaches.

Please, forgive me, as I did not mean to criticize your denomination. I have only tried to point out how ignorance could get you into trouble through “religion”. Examine yourself, and do not try to crucify me. I beg you to find out the truth for yourself. Only the truth you know can set you free (John 8:32).

I am concerned about you. I know you have done all you know to be free, but there is no solution. Do you want to be free? Then take the necessary steps today and secure your freedom. You must bring about that change!

These things I have written are because of you. Things need to change and you must embrace your breakthrough. You must seek freedom and enjoy Jesus. You cannot continue like this, you need to change your position so that God can change the situation in your life. You need deliverance.

In my next write-up, I will be discussing on Transference Of Spirits Through Reincarnation And Libation.


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