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Read 1 Corinthians 15:33-34 and Proverbs 13:20 from your Bible

Many unborn babies are contaminated right from their mothers’ wombs, through the laying on of hands by traditional midwives and doctors. Some of these people are direct agents of the water spirit kingdom, witches and other dark powers.

When these people lay hands on women’s wombs, spirits from such evil powers get transferred to the babies in their wombs.

Testimonies abound of what I am saying here.

In a particular women’s prayer group I witnessed in our African Continent, one of the leaders was in charge of praying for pregnant women. She used to pray over these women, laying hands on their protruding tummies, for protection and safe delivery. But a day came when God decided to expose her demonic activities. When the power of God came upon her, she confessed that she transferred witchcraft and other spirits to unborn babies through laying hands on their mothers. In the same way, she had also terminated some pregnancies. She also mentioned the names of other leaders who were members of her witches’ coven.

Dear “Prayer Collector”, be warned. Stop going about everywhere collecting prayers and submitting your head for hands to be laid on it. I am not against laying on of hands, but be sure the hands being laid on you are clean hands. Be led by the Holy Spirit to those who should lay hands on you. You should not respond to every altar call for prayers. Learn to do spiritual warfare on your own. The Holy Spirit will help you.

In my next write-up I will be Teaching on Transference Of Spirits Through Sex

At the very end of the series of teaching on this subject, I will give you Deliverance prayers that will deliver you from all forms of transference of spirits.


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