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Read 1 Corinthians 15:33-34, Proverbs 13:20 from your Bible

“Transference of spirits” occupies a large part of man’s daily existence. This happens when a stronger power or spirit gradually or forcefully influences a lesser spirit with a view to dominating and controlling it. In this way, the stronger spirit transfers its power to the weaker one. It is also a situation where a spirit inhabiting or ruling a particular place, location, family is transferred to a person because that person resides in the environment of that power and has been manipulated to do some things that will implicate him.

A person, into whom a force transfers its power, may come from that environment or may just be a temporary resident. That is why many people can hardly remember where they came under the influence of a particular spirit. An example is the spirit of anger.

Some people, who are presently being ruled by the spirit of anger, may not remember where and when they developed the habit of getting angry at little provocations. When such people read these teachings I am going to teach, it will provide them with the needed answers.

Many who will read this teachings will receive answers to the questions they have been asking God for a long time now. Many people are unwittingly controlled and influenced by the spirits ruling the areas where they live or have lived for years. Others come under the control and influence of the spirits in charge of their towns, villages, families and the company or associations they keep.

There are both positive and negative transference of spirits. Paul declares in 1 Corinthians 15:33 that: “Evil communications corrupt good manners”. Every parent instinctively knows about transference of spirits. That is why some parents would forbid their children to keep company with rebellious and disobedient children in their neighbourhood. Why? They know that if little Mary were permitted to associate and communicate with rebellious or disobedient children around her home, she would become like them.

What would happen is for the rebellious and disobedient spirits in the other children to get transferred to Mary who now becomes rebellious and disobedient as well. This is transference of spirits through association.

Husbands, in a bid to prevent transference of evil spirits to their wives through association, could disallow their wives joining certain women clubs. These men might notice that members of such association are irresponsible ladies who may be either promiscuous or divorcees. Husbands believe that their wives could imbibe these evil habits if they are allowed to belong to such groups.

On the other hand, there is positive transference of spirits.

Read Proverbs 13:20 from your Bible

It has been proven that when a man associates with men of noble characteristics, he begins to behave like them as well.

Elijah and Elisha are an example. Elijah’s spirit (in double form) was transferred to Elisha (2 Kings 1:9).

Pastor Benny Hinn associated so much with Sister Kathryn Khulman, and had her spirit and anointing transferred into him and his ministry.

It is very interesting to note that God practiced the doctrine of transference of spirits in the Garden of Eden, when He breathed into the nostrils of the man He had made (Genesis2:7) When God transferred His spirit into the man, Adam became a living soul.

Please, also read Numbers 11:16, 17. Here, God had transferred Moses’ spirit to the seventy elders who were to be his close associates. God had to command Moses in Numbers 27:18-23 to lay his hands on Joshua who was to take over from him, so that the latter could possess some of Moses’ honour. This is transference of the spirit of leadership through the laying on of hands.

In my next write-up I will be discussing The Transference Of Spirits By Laying On Of Hands.


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