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Read Psalm 89:28-36 from your Bible

From the above scripture, it will be noticed that the privileges Solomon enjoyed were as a result of the relationship and covenant David, his father, had with God. That was why, in spite of Solomon’s misconducts, God decided to reserve a portion for him. Solomon committed a lot of blunders. He had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. Such has never happened in the history of man ( and I don’t think it has happened again after that). Each of these women came into Israel with foreign idols and defiled the land of Israel. This made the anger of God to kindle against Solomon. He would have destroyed him and raise another king. But God remembered the covenant He had with David. And because of the covenant, Solomon was spared.

May God’s mercy never depart from you in Jesus’ name.

You need to be so committed to God to the point that God will enter into a covenant with you – a covenant that will benefit your seed (descendants after you).

I pray you will be able to enter into such covenant with God in Jesus’ name

It is for this reason that it is unhealthy to compare yourself with people you do not know. You do not know the covenant the person has with God or Satan. If another person had done what Solomon did, the family would have been desolate. Examples are that of Saul, the first king of Israel, and Judas Iscariot who betrayed Christ.

Concerning Judas Iscariot, the scriptures says: “Let his habitation be desolate. His position let another person take. Let them be vagabond.”

In Solomon’s case, it had nothing to do with him. God remembered the covenant He entered into with David and though He took the kingdom from Solomon, God still reserved the tribe of Judah and Benjamin so that He can raise up the seed He promised David. And true to God’s promise to David, through the lineage of Judah, the messiah was born.

God said concerning Abraham, “I know he will teach his children to keep my law. To follow my ways from generation to generation.”

While they were in Egypt, Joseph requested that when God visits them, as promised Abraham, they must carry his bones away from Egypt. God’s promise to his grandfather was that they would spend four hundred years in Egypt, and after that would leave. Joseph had knowledge of ancestral powers; thus, his request. He spoke by faith, believing what God told his grandfather. When four hundred and thirty years was done, God led them out of Egypt through Moses.

At the end of the series of teaching I will be sending you three phases of deliverance prayers that will liberate you from ancestral bondage and yokes.