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The children of Israel were destined to serve God. Everytime they went astray and served other gods, God gave them up to torment and captivity from enemy nations.

If peradventure, one’s ancestor had entered into an evil covenant with any deity with a pledge to serve it, or he had gone to seek protection, fruit of the womb, etc., and had mortgaged the future of his descendants to that deity. If any of his descendants decides to serve God and become born again, it will not be strange that the forces to which the ancestor had pledged allegiance will rise against that person.

What we are saying is, assuming your father, grandfather or great-grandfather entered into an evil covenant or had an idol considered to be a family idol that every one born into the family is expected to serve; but you choose to serve the Living God, because, obviously, you were not born at the time the covenant or pledge was made, expect that the ancestral powers would rise up against you. This is different from witches/wizards. They are those demons or evil spirits that protect any of your ancestors that gave them wealth or fruit of the womb. It is these spirits from the ancestral kingdom that are at war with your destiny.

It should be noted here that while your ancestors are dead and gone, the covenant they entered into and the forces maintaining them lives on. Hence, just like when the children of Israel broke God’s covenant with Abraham, and serve other gods, His anger was kindled. When anyone whose ancestors had an evil covenant with any deity decides to go other way, he or she has signed in for war because you refused to serve them as was the terms of the covenant. This is the reason many Christians are passing through difficult times. We live in Africa, and from our history, our ancestors had many unknown gods they made allegiance. The mere fact that we are Christians today negates the terms of that ancient covenant thus, the battles we face.

Read Joshua 24: 14-15 from your Bible

Joshua made a vow: “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Notice that he did not need to consult his family before making this sweeping statement. He made it as an authority over his household. Hence, the children of Joshua “must” serve God. If they go the other way, the anger of God will be kindled against them. This is because there is an ancestral vow governing their choice of worship. In the same vein, we do not know the truce or vow entered into by our ancestors – positively or negatively – that is affecting our lives. If the vows are negative or with evil forces, you must revoke and break them as they constitute “ancestral curses.” This is a curse that runs through a family, from generation to generation.

At the end of the series of teaching on this topic I will be sharing deliverance prayers that will liberate you from ancestral bondage and yokes.