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Some people are in this kind of problem today. Their ancestors may have cheated someone (e.g. a lover or a business partner), insulted an elderly person or even accused someone falsely, and the person (s), out of their hurt, placed a curse on them and on their family. It maybe a dying person, a pronunciation from their affiliated powers (those who belong to a cult or spiritual order), or even a petition taken to a spiritualist. All of these things should not be treated with kid-gloves.

A story was shared some years ago of a young lady who went abroad and engaged in prostitution. She was sending money to her elder brother back home hoping that it was safe with him. On her return, she was shocked to discover that she didn’t have anything to her name; as her brother had mismanaged all resources.

Out of frustration, she travelled to Benin City in Edo state, Nigeria, to consult a powerful spiritualist with her petition and sacrifice. The result of that visit to Benin City was a curse pronounced on everyone who had touched , used or misuse her money. The elder brother to the lady died mysteriously. His stomach got swollen. It took a revisit to the same source of the curse after it was discovered that this lady was responsible for the mysterious death, to break the curse.

Such curse could trigger calamity in the family. And if it was not revoked (though through ungodly means) someone may have decided to retaliate and that would spark an ugly situation in the family.

May God have mercy on our generation in Jesus’ name.

However, Jesus Christ, has legally delivered us from the authority, bondage, yoke, stronghold, curses, covenants, altars, and domineering power of ancestral powers through His death, burial, resurrection and ascension.

Read Colossians 1:13-14, 2:14-15, and Ephesians 2:6 from your Bible

Nevertheless, this deliverance is not automatic, until you appropriate it and enforce it by faith through prayer and fasting you may not see the reality of it.

Read 1 Timothy 1:18, 6:12, Deut. 2:24 from your Bible – (faith is a fight).

I will show you how to appropriate and enforce it by sharing with you three phases of deliverance prayers that will liberate you from ancestral bondage and yokes at the very end of the series of teaching on this topic.