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Read 1 Corinthians 3:10 from your Bible

From Genesis to Revelation, the word ‘grace’ appears over 100 times. What is grace? Grace simply means “unmerited, unearned favour.” It is a gift of God that you do not deserve.

There is more to the grace of God than most people are aware of. It is not worked for and therefore, cannot be purchased with money. It is simply a free gift from God.

Read Ephesians 2:8 and Psalms 84:10 from your Bible for better understanding.

Grace is a gift and for you to enjoy it, it has to be received. You cannot earn grace, not even by good works or religious actívities.

Read Romans 11:6 from your Bible

The first time the word ‘grace’ is mentioned in the Bible is in connection with Noah in the Book of Genesis. He found grace at a time when every living thing was to be destroyed.

The Bible records that once upon a time, God caused a flood of waters to be released upon the earth.

Read Genesis 6:17 from your Bible

‘All flesh’ was meant to be destroyed in that deluge, according to the scripture, but Noah and his household were exempted!

Read Genesis 7:23 from your Bible

What made it possible for Noah and his household to be delivered from a flood that destroyed everyone else? It was because… Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord (Genesis 6:8).

What a favour! Noah, under the dispensation of the law, before the revelation of Jesus Christ, enjoyed unmerited favour from God, he was delivered from the flood of waters. He was preserved from doom because he had the essential ingredient of grace, which no other person in his generation enjoyed.

Grace singled him out for good. The same can happen to you!

If Noah, who lived in the old dispensation, could enjoy unmerited favour, understand that you who are now a believer in Jesus Christ, under the new covenant can enjoy more of it.

Today, there are different types of floods that are destroying people. The sole purpose of the flood of life is destruction. … a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy… (Genesis 6:17.) The principal reason people are confronted with the flood of life, is because the enemy attempts to seek opportunity to destroy the believer. But you shall not be destroyed in Jesus’ name.

Notice that “destruction” in this respect does not necessarily connote physical death or going to hell fire, rather, it could be interpreted to mean lack of fulfilment in life. That is, merely existing, but not really living.

It means being in the midst of abundance and never having a taste of it.

But, God wants you to live and enjoy life in abundance. That is the reason why Jesus came.

Read John 10:10 from your Bible

In case vou are married, but have never known peace in your home, or enjoyed marital fulfilment, that is a flood of life!

Are you in business and everything you lay your hands upon always fails? That is a flood of life. Maybe people have even cheated and duped you in your business severally, to a point of frustration.

Have you entered into wrong relationships, time and again, that have shattered your hopes in life and crippled your destiny? This is a flood of life!

Are you a student that has never known what it means to experience academic success? Are you unemployed, have no children, sick in your body, have sorrow of heart, or find it difficult to grow spiritually?
All these are floods of life, targeted at destroying you.

If you are confronted with any flood of life right now, and think you have done all you know to do but to no avail, do not lose hope or give up. The good news is: the priceless treasure of the grace of God can give you a change of story, when you tap into it!

With the grace of God stirred up and actively at work in you, the iron gates of life cannot but open up to you on their own accord, as they did to Peter (Acts 12: 10).

Just as Noah could not be touched, but was miraculously delivered, in the same vein, God intends every believer to be supernaturally delivered from every flood of life.

All you need to do is to ask for, lay hold on and constantly stir up this grace of God in your life, and it will surely bring solution to that challenging situation.


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