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According to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia: The mind is the set of cognitive faculties that enables consciousness, perception, thinking, judgment and memory.

The mind is the seat of consciousness and awareness. It is the mind that enables you distinguish one thing from another. When one is said to be “unconscious,” he/she is said to be in a state of coma. When something negative happens to the mind, one can be naked in the market place and be completely unaware, because the mind has been corrupted. It means he/she is not conscious of himself/herself as well as the environment. This is the case of those with mental disorder. Their minds may have been clouded by some powers or is undergoing oppression.

When the mind is under satanic oppression, one will think low of himself/herself. Such person may be given quality advice but will discard it and do otherwise. This is because his/ her mind has been arrested or blinded by satan. From the definition above, the mind is also our “memory bank.” It is a place where we store information.

Another definition refers to the mind as the part of a person that thinks, reasons, feels, and remembers. From the foregoing, the mind is also the seat of intelligence and recall. Let me repeat here for emphasis sake: you cannot live a victorious life until you are victorious in your mind. You cannot live a life of success if your mind is not success-oriented. We need quality information to succeed. This means that the information we are exposed to is crucial to our success or failure.

If you find yourself in a place where people don’t believe in, or condemn, prosperity, miracles, deliverance, holiness, salvation, breakthrough, your mind will be negatively formed. For us to live a quality life, we need to search the bible which is the source of authentic information. Whatever the bible says is final. The word of God is the final authority in every issue of life. Hence, we must be ready to be reprogrammed and repositioned by the word of God. If we wish to succeed we must learn to think right and reason in line with God’s agenda.

Romans 12:2 enjoins us to “renew our minds.” And until we do this, we will be void of divine ideas that will help us become successful. We may not also be conscious of our authority in Jesus Christ. It has been stated earlier that the mind is the seat of “consciousness.” Hence, by the information derived from the scripture, you become aware (conscious) of the fact that you have been redeemed to reign in life. You know that you are not a failure but a success and that your present circumstance or condition, if it is not in consonance with God’s word, will not tarry long. You will not be ruled by circumstances of life, economic situation or news report, but by the word of God which empowers your mind for victory and success.

I see you becoming free from every mental bondage in Jesus’ name.

Read Romans 12;2 from your Bible

According to the scripture above, the mind can be renewed, reformed, and changed by the word of God. Maybe there is a way you used to think that is not in line with divine order; as you study the bible, it will alter that evil, negative and primitive thought pattern that can only lead to failure and defeat.

Before God can take you from where you are to where you ought to be, He must first have His way in your mind. And if He cannot have His way in your mind, He cannot work with you. Your mind is important to God and to your victory and success in life.


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