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WHAT THE EFFECTS OF ANXIETY DOES 4 – It Causes Broken Fellowship

One other thing that results from anxiety is broken fellowship. Think about this: In the natural, when a bone is broken, there is a lot of pain and discomfort. All the nerves in the body appear over-stretched. Something must be done to arrest the situation, and set necessary forces in motion for healing to begin. If the situation is not properly handled, gangrene could set in, resulting in amputation.

David was one who knew spiritual alienation, as a result of broken fellowship with God. Having walked closely with God, he must have yearned again for such intimate friendship. Hence he cried:

Read Psalm 51:11-12 from your Bible

Anxiety is like a break in the bone of fellowship with our Maker. It becomes easy to understand, looking at the definition of worry. The word suggests a distraction, a preoccupation with things causing anxiety, stress and pressure. JESUS SPEAKS AGAINST WORRY AND ANXIETY BECAUSE OF THE WATCHFUL CARE OF A HEAVENLY FATHER, WHO IS EVER MINDFUL OF OUR DAILY NEEDS (1Peter 5:7 The Spirit-Filled Bible).

When you worry or are anxious about anything, you are distracted. Your attention is no longer on the goodness of the Lord, or on the infallibility of His Word. You are divided, as it were, unable to freely fellowship with God because your mind is preoccupied with weighty matters. Those things are like thorns sent by the devil to choke the Word of God and arrest your attention.

No one can afford a break in his relationship with God. Even between husband and wife, when there is a break in their fellowship, peace disappears. Communication becomes strained and the devil creeps in. To be able to resist the devil, the relationship has to be restored. Both parties must be willing to discuss the issue and the guilty one apologizes.


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