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A witch is thought to be a person who compulsively acts with evil supernatural powers. A witch is said to be a prisoner of the evil power within her.

There is a power within that person who is a witch or wizard and is being imprisoned by that power within.

Witches do not need to use rituals, incantations, magic or spell to perform their evil deeds. They may do that sometimes but a very powerful witch or wizard has power within. He can simply look at you and release powers from his eyes. He can release missiles and harm a target. The witch can simply point her finger and release evil. If you are doing something, he or she can just pin his or her leg to the ground so that the activity will not work.

This is the difference between a sorcerer who may resort to incantations and other things before some demons would answer him. A witch may not do any of these things but can still do evil. The power may be in the head or in the eyes or the hands.

Of course, during deliverance, you see some individuals would say their powers are either in the head, fingers, eyes, private parts, tongue, hand, heart, stomach, legs or in the ears. Some with different powers may have it at different parts of the body.

Some have the power in their eyes and can see far beyond the natural.

Read 2 kings 9:22, 30, from your Bible.

In this scripture, we were told of a woman called Jezebel, the wife of Ahab the king of Israel, she was a witchcraft agent and through her much wickedness was perpetrated in Israel. She was the one who influenced her husband to kill Naboth. She introduced idolatry which Elijah confronted with the four hundred and fifty prophets of Baals.

If you read 1 Kings 16:31-33 from your Bible, you will see that Jezebel had an idolatrous and bewitched family. And through that, she polluted the whole land.

So the spirit of Jezebel is the spirit of witchcraft. And this spirit is in the church today. It is in every community. How do we identify this spirit?

I will be unveiling that in the next write up.

At the very end of the series I will unveil how to defeat the spirit of witchcraft and overpower a witch or wizard.