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Every outstanding transformation, every resounding success is traceable to discovered secrets. Certain information is handed down to you and when it is properly traded with, it brings you your desired end.

God has secrets! They are the highways to success and an insight into them guarantees outstanding success. God’s secrets are called revelations; they are heavenly information. By them He unfolds heavenly insights and mysteries to you, for earthly victories.

The ways of God are higher ways; so when you operate by His secrets, you attain higher results. The end-time Church will be given an unusual access into these heavenly information called the ways of God.

Read Isaiah 2:3 from your Bible

That is, the flourishing Word of life, showing you the way to the highways of life. I welcome you to that path, in Jesus’ name.

In Psalm 119:130, the Bible says: “The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.”

When you encounter God’s Word on any issue of life, darkness can no longer handle you in that area, because, “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehendeth it not…”

God’s Word says, “Arise, shine, for thy light is come…” Nobody shines until his light comes and light can’t come until the Word enters. It is only after God’s Word has entered you that you can become an eternal (unending) excellency, the joy of many generations! (Isa. 60:15).

What heavenly secrets do is to bring about transformation in your life without sweat. It brings you success without struggles, giving you technical access to your objectives in life.

I am not smarter than anyone else; I’m only more informed! That is why I get better results than my contemporaries.

Friend, one secret from heaven is worth more than a whole lifetime of struggles. One secret from heaven is worth much more than ten University degrees from various disciplines. It is greater in value than every connection with all the men and women of influence on the earth! One secret from heaven will make a shining star out of a dummy!

Job became an outstanding success in his days, by reason of the heavenly secrets he gained access to (Job 29). He became the greatest man in all the east, without participating in the corruption that was in the land.

In the next write up I will be sharing with you how to access the secrets of God.