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The key to your freedom from the trap of the god of gold is laying up treasures in heaven. If you stack it up here like the Rich Fool did, you will worship it, because “where a man’s treasure is, there his heart will be” (Matthew 6:21). But if you lay it up there, it will create a future for you.

Read Luke 12:16-21 from your Bible

Your riches become risky when God is kept out of it. When you are not rich towards God, no matter what you have, you are a poor man. When you have no account with God, no matter where you get to on this earth, you are on the floor.

The cure for covetousness is the giving life. The giving life will free you from the trap of the god of gold.

Read 1 Timothy 6:17-19 from your Bible

This is the cure. The love of money is conquered when you are rich in good works, willing to distribute, ready to let go. Until money becomes like dust to you, God will never let you have it. He said in Job 22:24, “Then shall you lay up gold as dust…”, not as idol. When gold is more than dust to you, you will be far from it. God will only allow you to lay it up when it has become dust to you; otherwise you will worship it.

Read Joshua 7:21 from your Bible

It was not dust to him, but an idol. He was sleeping on it, until his sin found him out. Until money becomes dust to you, God won’t let you lay it up. And if you lay it up your own way, you will certainly worship it to your own destruction.

Lovers of money will never have it, and those who get it through crooked means will be killed by it. On the other hand, however, lovers of God will enjoy money automatically. The love of money is the root of all evils. Those who run after it are always slain by it. Look at that young man we read about in Mark 10. When Jesus touched his “great possessions”, he decided against eternal life. He went away, saying as it were, “Take your eternal life, I’ll keep my money.” His possessions meant much more to him than eternal life. But a man called Paul the Apostle said;

Read Philippians 3:8 from your Bible

As a result, God gave him plenty of abundance all through his ministry. So much abundance was ministered to him by the saints in various churches, so that he had all needed.

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