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OVERCOMING THE SPIRIT OF DEATH 4 – Breaking Evil Covenants

You must also know that there is a promise of deliverance from every lawful captivity. There is a promise of deliverance. One can either be a lawful captive, or an unlawful captive.

Read Isaiah 49:24-26 from your Bible

There are those in a family who have spiritual (evil) power, either a father or a mother, who seek spiritual, political or economical relevance and benefit with the help of spiritual forces. These persons may decide to donate their family members making them a prey to the enemy. A parent has spiritual authority over their children; and can thus make them captives by their actions.

The lady I mentioned earlier in the account I shared whose destiny was hung with an egg is an example of a lawful captive. Her mother made a covenant. So she is a lawful captive. However, God says she can be delivered – “The lawful captive can be delivered.” The prey can be taken from the hand of the mighty.

We must believe this

Isaiah 28:18 says your agreement with hell and with the kingdom of darkness, that has been made with anybody, knowingly or unknowingly or by sacrifice made, can be annulled, and can be cancelled.


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