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A teenage girl came to me one day, desiring to be delivered. Her father at that time was a member of several cults and headed some of them. It was his practice to dedicate his kids after birth, and so, this girl was initiated, hence, covenant with demons on her behalf was established.

When the girl grew older, occultic powers multiplied within her. It was a family practice to gather at the strong room shrine in her home daily at the family’s command, to recite some incantations.

This girl was to die at the age of 24. This covenant was revealed by the spirit of death during her deliverance ministration by our team of intercessors. This girl’s life was in a terrible mess – full of afflictions, emotional imbalance, perversions, etc.

Trouble really started when the girl came to Christ. There was a big conflict as the Lord Jesus moved in to establish His power within the little girl. Hitherto, this girl ate little natural food, was crowned queen with a big throne in the water and had an invisible demonic skin that radiated.

At the time of her deliverance, the Lord dispossessed her of about 124 demon spirits. She is now free and a different person.

Hallelujah Praise God!


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