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The spirit of Jezebel is the spirit of witchcraft, the spirit of wickedness, is the spirit of covetousness, is the spirit of painting excessively and it is the spirit of whoredom. In 1 Kings 16:30, we are told that Jezebel painted her face, tied her head and look out at a window.

She originated the masquerade type of painting – what many young ladies refer to as “make-up.” The spirit of Jezebel is the spirit that makes people to be wicked and to destroy lives. It is also the spirit of covetousness. They coveted the vineyard of Naboth, set him up, and had him killed. And this same spirit is the spirit of idolatry.

Witchcraft spirit initiates idolatry. It initiates wickedness. It also initiates whoredom (Prostitution). It initiates the spirit of prostitution in the church; that is, “spiritual prostitution;” when people move from one church to another causing confusion in most cases before leaving. May this seed not have a place in your life in Jesus’ name.

Micah 5:12: “And I will cut off witchcrafts out of thine hand; and thou shalt have no more soothsayers:”

This spirit must be arrested and destroyed in our local churches. It is the spirit of Satan.

The above scripture talks about the hand of witchcraft. And God promises to cut-off the hand of witchcraft from our lives. And God will cut that hand of witchcraft in the name of Jesus.

There is a Jezebel hand painted with wickedness that plant evil seeds in the lives of people.

I declare that every hand of witchcraft operating in your life and your family, be cut-off by the sword of fire in the name of Jesus.

God says He will cut-off that hand that steals and destroys, that hand that manipulates and seeks to control your life. They must be cut-off in Jesus’ name.

That hand can reach you wherever you are even if it is from the village and you are in the town/city.

Many a time when we pray, we see revelation of a a hand appearing holding somebody. That hand is the hand of that person who is a witch holding your destiny.

Whoever that is holding our destiny, the fire of God will burn their hands in the name of Jesus.

This same Jezebel spirit is referred to as the “queen of heaven” and the “mother of witchcraft.” It is a fallen principality, a mistress of witchcraft and the mother of witchcraft. It dwells between heaven and earth. The scripture says: this mistress of witchcraft can sell her family. A lot of families have been sold to witchcraft kingdom and are in bondage. A lot of destinies, a lot of businesses, children’s intellect, etc. have been exchanged by witchcraft agents in the family.

Read Nahum 3:4 from your Bible.

They are the ones that will represent families in the kingdom of darkness, in the kingdom of witchcraft to exchange their destinies and glory. They sell it either for position they want to attain or the blessing they want to get or for the sake of power.

So many people’s destinies have been sold by agents of witchcraft in their families.

The mistress of witchcraft, which is the queen of heaven, by means of witchcraft, promotes idolatry. It promotes the burning of incense and frying of bean cakes in ceremonies.

Read Jeremiah 44:15-19 from your Bible.

In the next write up I shall be unveiling symbols of witchcraft manifestations.

At the very end of the series of teachings I will unveil how to over power witchcraft forces and their operations.