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KINDS OF DEATH 4 – Financial death, Academic death, Marital death, etc

When death stays upon somebody’s academic pursuit, you will continue to write the exam without success. If it stays upon marriage, you will continue to experience marital break-up, having multiple divorces. If he marries another person, the person will die, if he marries another, the person will die because the spirit of death is at work. It can rest upon a woman and when she gives birth, the child will die and this could be on a continuous basis. Some of us in Africa upon experiencing the death of children may go to do something to ensure that their children don’t die again.


A lady was having a very serious problem. She worked in a very nice place but she found out that marriage was not working for her. She wasn’t fulfilled. She was of course, a Christian and went to a man of God who gave her some prayer points. “Lord open my eyes and reveal the secret to me” She continued to fast and pray. Then one day, the Lord opened her eyes and she saw in a dream, an egg was hanged somewhere. Then she reported it to the man of God that she saw an egg hanging. She was instructed to go and meet her mother to enquire what she did with egg while she was young or as a child. But the mother denied doing anything with egg. After a time, the mother remembered that when she was experiencing the death of her children (up to three), she went to consult an oracle when she was pregnant again because she did not want to lose that pregnancy. She was then requested to bring an egg which they hung so that the pregnancy can be preserved. Of course, egg is a symbol of fruitfulness. A symbol of life. They did tie the egg up, the pregnancy stayed and eventually she gave birth to the child. It was a spiritual exercise. It meant the spiritual destiny of the child was hanged. She did not bargain for it. Even though this lady was a Christian, the covenant was still in place.

When we talk about deliverance, some folks fail to understand. Today, we are saying Abraham blessings are ours. We don’t know Abraham physically, yet he is our forefather. God made a promise of financial breakthrough and of eternal life with him. That is the covenant blessing we claim. So the covenant your forefathers entered into with demonic entities on your behalf, still lingers if not terminated. When the children of Israel prayed, God remembered the covenant he made with Abraham. Solomon understood this, thus he prayed “Lord remember the covenant you made with my father -David; that he will never cease to have a man to sit on his throne. Have mercy upon me, oh Lord, I know I have sinned, ” And God remembered the covenant He made with David.

So, God is a God of covenant. In like manner, those covenants made by our grandfathers still stand. That is why, the just shall be delivered through knowledge. Proverbs 11:9, Hosea 4:6.

When we lack this basic knowledge, we may be Christians and still be suffering in the midst of abundance. We may not fully enjoy the dividend of Christianity because of certain things that are wrong in our background.

May God destroy those wrong foundations in the name of Jesus.


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