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Read Jeremiah 22:28-30 from your Bible

Look at the expressions employed in the above scripture:

” ..a man that shall not prosper in his days; for no man of his seed shall prosper …”

This means that the offspring of the man referred to here will never achieve anything nor attain greatness in any field. They may be hardworking, but a spiritual, unseen force will resist or oppose their progress. Until someone from that lineage study their family tree (i.e ., do a spiritual mapping) and draw faith from God’s word, they may not be able to challenge the status quo. As long as they remain ignorant of what the word of God says and what is happening in their family, they will remain in their predicament.

The forces waging war against them is unseen, and may remain hidden if due diligence is not done. And will continue to oppose anyone who attempts to make progress or rise beyond a certain level in life. A person from such family may win a political election, but before he/ she is sworn in, may die, fall sick, or have problems that will mar his/her chance of being sworn in or enjoying the blessing of that office. The person may be a staff in a company who is due for promotion but will be denied promotion. This may not be because of sin but because something from their lineage is working to isolate them from favour. If they resort to fighting, complaining or crying, it will amount to nothing; because they have not tackled the situation from its root.

They must look into their family background and identify and deal with all the forces that are orchestrating evil against them.

Everyone must pray this prayer as a matter of necessity: “O Lord, open my eyes and show me every inherited yoke (battle) flowing into my life like a river from my family background in Jesus’ name.”

If you pray this prayer genuinely, be assured that God will speak to you in that regard. But it doesn’t stop there. After receiving divine information, you must then pray your way through in the direction God has revealed. If you are uncertain or unclear as to what God is showing to you, seek counsel. You cannot afford to treat this with kid-glove.

May the Lord hear you; in Jesus’ name.


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