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Read Genesis 11:6 from your Bible

Think positively and feed your mind with quality information from the bible. What do you imagine? Negative imagination is an attack on the mind. Poor self-image or low self-esteem or self-worth is an attack on the mind. Do you think nothing good can come out of you? Or that you are worth nothing? It is an attack on your mind. It is satan that is projecting such negative and vain pictures into your mind. All of these are satanic attacks that must be pulled down. They are strongholds.

Unbelief and doubt are satanic strongholds intended to reduce your destiny. You must counter it with God’s word. You can transform your mind by agreeing with God’s word. Meditate on and declare what God’s word says concerning you. If your mind is successful, it is only a matter of time, you will become successful. But if you fail or give-up in your mind, it won’t be long before you fail in life.

It doesn’t matter what is happening around you, you must not allow it take up stronghold in your mind. You must insulate your mind by the word of God. You must also allow the word of God become your consciousness and reality.

Read Philippians 4:8 from your Bible

To transform your mind and empower it for success, you need to meditate on things that are positive and of good report. Don’t settle for negative report. If there are things that will help your mind to move forward, that is what you should pursue and invest your time in. Search the bible and reposition your mind to be in consonance with God’s word.

If you dwell on negative reports too long, you are not empowering your mind for success. It doesn’t matter what the devil is saying. What does God say? As you grow in life, you will hear many things that may demoralize or defeat you if you let them. Situations, family and friends may say many negative and ungodly things; some out of good intent. But you must learn how to sieve “sympathetic lies” from the truth. The devil can put ungodly counsel in the mouth of sympathizers. You must disagree with it.

You must know your position as revealed in God’s word: “He that is born from above is above all” (John 3).
No matter the situation you are in today, as long as you remain conscious of your position, people around you may fail, but you will not fail. Knowledge is power. The consciousness of this truth should spur your faith to victory in every area where others have failed.

Read Isaiah 55:8-9 from your Bible

From scripture, we know that God’s thoughts and ways are not the same as ours. It is higher than ours. But how do we know the thoughts and ways of God? We can know the thoughts and ways of God from the bible. What God’s word say you can do, you can do it. Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” If God says you can do all things, believe it. The source of that information is authentic and original. It doesn’t matter what anybody else says.

Declare this: “I can do all things that will bring glory to God. Not by my own power, but by the power of the Holy Ghost working on the inside of me.” But if you don’t study the bible, how would you know the mind of God? It is important therefore, that we make a habit of studying the bible to gain the mind of Christ.


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