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First of all, you must know your authority. You must realize that as a child of God, and a believer in Jesus, you have authority in that name to cast out devils that cause sickness and disease as well as all other forms of affliction. You cannot afford to be ignorant of this truth (John 1:12).

Read Matthew 10:1 from your Bible

As Jesus gave His disciples powers to cast out demons, so has He given us today. You have been given the power to cast out demons of infirmities. Every sickness and disease that people suffer has a spirit behind it called “the spirit of infirmity.” When Jesus said in Luke 13:12: “Woman, thou art loosed from thine infirmity;” what He addressed was the spirit that held the woman bound for eighteen years (cf. Luke 13:10-13). Every Sickness or disease is caused and maintained by a spirit of infirmity. Once the spirit is rebuked and cast out, the process of recovery has begun. Luke 13:11.

If you don’t know the authority you have over unclean spirits, including the spirit of infirmity, you will not be able to exercise your faith to gain victory.

Read Luke 9:1 from your Bible

You can pray for that family member, friend, neighbor and/or colleague that is sick and rebuke the spirit of infirmity, in the name of Jesus, and God will confirm it with healing (cf. James 5:13-15). Now you know that you have authority, let us proceed to other areas. What else does scripture say about sickness and disease? How did sickness enter into this world? We must know the entry point of sickness as well as what has been done about it so that we can fully operate in the authority given to us.

In my next write-up I will discuss all these.


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