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Read John 5:1-9 from your Bible

The above account reveals how the battle against sickness kept a man down for thirty eight years. His destiny was incapacitated and paralyzed for that long. We were not told how old he was before the sickness came upon him, but he was there, at a spot, for thirty eight years. That is what sickness can do. It is a deliberate attack by the enemy to stagnate a person’s glorious destiny. This man could not fend for himself. He could not go to work or do anything. He remained stagnant for as long as he battled against that infirmity. The same scripture account reveals that there were many people there. Apparently, all were under one affliction or the other. Sickness is an affliction. Irrespective of what name medical science calls them, typhoid, malaria, cancer, HIV, etc. Many people are under the affliction of the devil. It is not God but the devil who afflicts people with sickness so as to hinder them from pursuing their glorious destinies. Acts 10:38.

You will agree with me that when a person is sick, nothing else matters to him/her. One cannot be sick and be concerned about education, marriage, job security, etc. In fact, those who are afflicted sometimes lose their job on health grounds. It is also a common practice for people to be required to produce medical status report upon seeking admission into higher academic programme or employment. This signifies the high premium that is placed on “sound health.” The devil, knowing this, goes about with sicknesses and diseases to shortchange people from what they are qualified for.

Every child of God must stand against the arrows of sickness and disease that the enemy is shooting at them to stop them, to kill them and to destroy them. Remember as stated earlier, if the enemy cannot kill you, he may occupy you with sickness. And when that happens, like the man in the scripture above, your destiny will be redundant, suspended or paralyzed. However, as the man became victorious at the end, you will also win in Jesus’ name. May the Lord give you Victory over that sickness and disease that want to terminate your destiny in Jesus’ name.

As Jesus came to raise him up and gave him victory over that thirty eight years battle with sickness, He will give you victory today in Jesus’ name.

Another lesson I must point out from the above text is the resilience of the man in question. Though he was there for thirty-eight years, he did not give up. He remained hopeful that one day he will get into the pool. Though his healing did not come from where he expected, it came anyway.

May your hope not fail you in Jesus’ name. May the Lord heal you from whatever ailment you are confronted with in Jesus’ name.



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