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Read Psalm 49:14-15 from your Bible

From the scripture above, the Psalmist is talking about the power of the grave.

The power of the grave feeds on the destinies of people and make sure they are not accomplished in their pursuits. It brings about delay or destruction of destinies.

The kingdom of the graveyard works with the spirit of death.

Two spirits are identified here in Psalm 49:14-15:

i. The spirit of graveyard

ii. The spirit of death

What is the spirit of graveyard?

The graveyard spirits are types of demons or familiar spirits that reside within the vicinity of the grave or tombs or cemetery or sepulchre or where people are buried. Their victims are people who go about looking for help.

Read Isaiah 31:1 and 30:1-2 from your Bible

In the next write-up, I will discuss how people are ensnared by graveyard spirit.


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