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Read Exodus 16:4 from your Bible

There is a way to break forth into the realm, where the showers of heaven’s blessings will stay with you, until you get to the borders of heaven, just as Israel was fed everyday for forty years, until they got to the borders of Canaan. Remember, God has an agenda to deck last days’ Church with honour, riches and glory such as eyes have never seen, nor ears heard. He is set to release the rain of plenty upon the Church and make her an envy of nations.

But the release of the showers of blessings, begins with insight into the workings of the covenant. However, the covenant is not for the “public”, but for those who fear the Lord. In essence, God has given you power to get wealth so as to establish His covenant with you. But you need an understanding of what that covenant entails. This understanding is made available to you by revelation, and revelation only comes to those who fear the Lord.

Do you want to see God’s hand rest on your life? Then sign in for Him. Position yourself and as you walk in righteousness, you will find God and when you find Him, you have found good! Anyone who wants the showers of blessings must first be drenched with the showers of righteousness. You must be soaked with the rain of righteousness before you encounter landmark blessings.

Read Psalm 112:1-3 from your Bible

From Psalm 112, it is clear that for the upright, no matter how terrible the situation around him may be, no matter how terrible the economic condition of that country, God will single him out for a blessing. How else could Joseph have prospered in the prison? In spite of the fact that he was a slave, God lifted him.

Righteousness is what triggers off the showers of blessings. And when God’s rain of blessings begins to fall, there is a great restoration, such that if you had lost anything in life, the release of the rain brings you a replacement of that which was lost, and makes you forget that anything was ever missing. But it begins with a returning to the Lord with all your heart.

Read Joel 2:12,13,16,23,24 from your Bible

A great restoration awaits you, but it begins with a returning to the Lord with all your heart. He said, “Sanctify the congregation.” Why? Because He is bringing a rain of restoration, a rain of blessing such as you have never known before.

Read Joel 2:26 from your Bible

I am excited because, I see the showers of God coming down upon the people, bringing restoration that will lead to revolutions. All you need do now is to break up the fallow ground of your heart. It is time to seek the Lord until He rains righteousness upon you. Then there will be a turn around, a revolution in your life. Then and only then will you experience the showers that will cause you to walk in the newness of life!

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