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Reincarnation and libation are two dangerous ways evil spirits get transferred from one person to the other. In my previous writings, I explained that there is nothing like reincarnation as far as God Almighty and the Bible are concerned. When anybody dies, he ceases to have anything to do with the living on earth.

Read Hebrews 9:27 from your Bible

Reincarnation is one of the devil’s tricks to continue his wicked operations in a family. He does everything he can through one of his demons (the familiar spirit) to retain his wicked grips on a family. To achieve this, he uses the “familiar spirits” to prove to people that the dead can reincarnate in a newborn baby.

In Africa, especially in families where this superstitious belief is prevalent, the moment a child is born, the oracle is consulted to find out “who had come back” into the family.

The newborn child is looked upon as one who has come back. Usually, a ritual is performed which will include pouring of libation to acknowledge the presence of whoever has reincarnated in the newborn child. At that point, the familiar spirit that lived in the deceased “who has just come” is transferred into the newborn baby, including the “mannerism or character” of the deceased.

As this child begins to grow up, he or she would start to exhibit the character of the deceased. So the belief continues to thrive.

What has happened here is that the familiar spirit transferred into the new child would be “familiar” with everything that had been in the “former life” of the new born, or the family, and will meticulously repeat them to satisfy the ignorant people.

I have personally cast out spirits of barrenness, divorce, lust and poverty from people who were victims of reincarnation and its demons.

Let me illustrate with a sister’s case. At 35, this beautiful Christian lady discovered, to her amazement, that no man seemed to take interest in her, in spite of her beauty. Men seemed to be afraid of her. She had fasted and prayed to God for a life partner but the answer was not forthcoming.

Frustrated and confused therefore, she came to me for counseling. During counseling and interview with her, I discovered she was told that she was the reincarnation of an aunt who had married a king in her village. This aunt had a black patch on her left thigh like this sister . While her aunt was alive, she could not have a child and had left her marriage and the king’s palace.

The Sister had found out that a woman, once married to a king, could never get another husband to remarry her while the king was alive.

Also, the various rituals these wives go through, including taking the oath of loyalty and honesty to the king throughout their lifetime, put them in danger if they ever remarried, except the oath was revoked.

The oath rendered them “untouchable” by other men, even if they had divorced the king. Unfortunately for her late aunt, when she left the palace, the oaths were not revoked hence, no other man married her until she died.

When she had been born, the oracle divined she was the reincarnation of this woman. The rituals were performed to welcome this woman’s spirit into the family and thus into her life. These spirits included the one that had prevented her from getting married to another man; the one that rendered her “untouchable” by other men apart from the king who had married her in her former lifetime.

Of course, She did not know these facts until she started to find out what had been before. This discovery led to her freedom Glory to God forever!

In my next write-up I will give you Deliverance prayers that will deliver you from all forms of transference of spirits.


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